Camel’s Hump in January

                                                                                           January 3, 2015

I’ll call this a hike because we did not wear snowshoes for this trip.  The Burrows Trail leading up to the summit from Camels Hump State Park is well travelled year round.  It is 2.7 miles to the summit.  There hadn’t been much snowfall for a couple of weeks, so we knew we’d be ok with simply wearing hiking boots.  We noticed from the sign-up book that we were not the only ones trying to burn off some holiday calories.   It wasn’t a brutally cold day (upper 20’s) at the base, so I wasn’t overly concerned when we headed out about clothing choice.  I quickly learned that layering is key to this type of hike.  It only took about 30 minutes before we starting sweating out our holiday toxin buildup.  By the time we reached the summit we were soaked!  That quickly changed to FROZEN as the wind swirled at the top.  We were the lucky ones whose cell phones weren’t frozen so we were able to snap a few quick pictures before our fingers needed to get back into our gloves.  The trail down was pretty icy by this point with all the folks hiking, so crampons were the norm.   We did not have crampons so the walk down was slow and slippery for us but we survived unscathed with smiles on our faces.


IMG_1281 IMG_1279 IMG_1278 IMG_1275 Aviary Photo_130663310151667934

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